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For more than 20 years, Scott and Pat have fielded 1,000's of financial questions on their weekly talk radio program, Hanson McClain’s Money Matters. Join the conversation by asking Barron’s Top 100 Independent Advisors Scott Hanson and Pat McClain your retirement and financial questions on-air, or online. We invite you to listen to our weekly radio show live on KGO in the Bay Area or KFBK in Sacramento; subscribe to our podcast, or visit our extensive resource library where you can find audio clips from the show, eBooks, on-demand webinars, calculators and much more to help you with your retirement transition.


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Lies, Levies, & Lawsuits: What Your Advisor Doesn't Want You to Know


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Scott Hanson, CFP®, CFS®, ChFC®
Co-Founder and Co-CEO


Your 7 Personal Decision Points for Retirement Transition Workshop


October 6th @ 7:00 PM


The Bridges Golf Club - San Ramon, California. Refreshments will be provided.


Scott Hanson, CFP®, and Pat McClain, ChFC
Co-Founders and Co-CEOs


Retirement Planning and Preparation

A happy retirement starts with a plan. The important question is this: Have you spent enough time thinking about your retirement? Or, are you still at the “wondering where to begin” stage?

You're not alone in searching for answers to these difficult questions. It’s why we developed an insightful and time-tested process for our clients, and explains why important questions are at the foundation of our 7 Personal Decision Points,™ taking you through what could be the seven most important decisions you will make in your retirement preparation journey and beyond. Our unique process helps you design the plan to meet your needs, by giving you the confidence and freedom to prepare for and enter your retirement years.


Retirement Planning and the 7 Personal Decision Points for Transition
Anwers to Pre-Retirees 9 Biggest Worries eBook

Your Personal Retirement Plan

7 Personal Decision Points

Be one of the 1,000's of people who've started with Hanson McClain's 7 Personal Decision Points to transition into retirement.

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