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We understand why most people are apprehensive about their financial future. The world has become a complicated place: markets are unstable, health care costs are unknown, and interest rates are on the rise. That is why for over 20 years Scott and Pat have been answering your retirement planning questions on the popular Hanson McClain’s Money Matters radio show.

So if you’ve got questions, you’ve come to the right place. Start by visiting our extensive library of on-demand webinars, eBooks, financial tools, as well as audio and video clips.

Interested in digging deeper? See how your specific investment portfolio might perform in different economic scenarios, by clicking on the “Portfolio Stress Test” button. And don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast to get Money Matters delivered to you every week.

Whatever your question or need today, Scott and Pat are here to help get you on the road to your confident retirement plan.


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Retirement Planning and Preparation

A happy retirement starts with a plan. The important question is this: Have you spent enough time thinking about your retirement? Or, are you still at the “wondering where to begin” stage?

You're not alone in searching for answers to these difficult questions. It’s why we developed an insightful and time-tested process for our clients, and explains why important questions are at the foundation of our 7 Personal Decision Points, taking you through what could be the seven most important decisions you will make in your retirement preparation journey and beyond. Our unique process helps you design the plan to meet your needs, by giving you the confidence and freedom to prepare for and enter your retirement years.


Retirement Planning and the 7 Personal Decision Points for Transition

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